About American Folk Art & Craft Supply

With a combination of experience and dedication, the husband and wife team behind American Folk Art & Craft Supply contributes to the store's success and fuels their goal to preserve our country's rich history in handcrafted arts.  Read on to learn more about why Michele Stenson and Bill Greehey make American Folk Art & Craft Supply so great!

Michele Stenson

Michele Stenson is an entrepreneur, expert and award winning quilter and rug maker, who works in many crafting fields including quilting, rug braiding and rug hooking. Michele’s enthusiasm for crafting and home projects started during childhood. Being taught to sew at age ten by her paternal grandmother fueled her interest in handcrafts. From there a lifelong love of sewing, quilting and crafting emerged.

Today, Michele’s crafting is inspired by the beautiful designs and colors of the fabric world. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology of sewing and embroidery machines, Michele maintains hand-crafted procedures which are the hallmark of heirloom crafters. Her hand-made works share the warmth of creativity and comfort.

After completing her MBA, Michele worked in management and finance in the Boston area and after 25 years she left to open her own quilt and craft shop in her home town of Hanover, Massachusetts. Since that time she has operated a successful quilt, rug hooking and rug braiding store and studio.

As a full time craft teacher, Michele invites students into her shop and motivates them to become the best crafter they can be. Her teaching has reached beyond her studio and she has hosted a half hour do-it-yourself show for her local public access channel. Michele’s ability to explain and demonstrate do-it-yourself skills and techniques takes the guesswork and mystery out of the process. Using today's innovations and technology, Michele imparts knowledge to each student so they, too, can enjoy success in handcrafting. 

Bill Greehey

Bill Greehey, Michele’s husband and American Folk Art & Craft Supply’s machine technician and software expert, is no stranger to excellence. He is a West Point graduate who, after his stint in the Army, earned a masters degree in engineering management from Northeastern University. Bill is currently employed as an engineer for the Department of Defense and works side-by-side with Michele in the store ensuring that sewing and embroidery machines are working to capacity.

Bill is continuously impressed with the advancements in sewing and embroidery machine technology and  makes it a point to attend the most current technical training sessions offered by sewing machine manufacturers...he is an expert technician!

Editing and digitizing embroidery software is quickly evolving and Bill stays current with the features and techniques of the software. He is a certified PFAFF and Husqvarna Viking software teacher, traveling to conventions and training sessions across the country. Bill is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest embroidery software features and enjoys teaching and leading the various machine software groups and clubs offered at American Folk Art & Craft Supply.