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The EPIC Coming!

Embroidery Machines


 Creative Sensation Pro
 Creative Performance  Creative 3.0
 This embroidery (and sewing) machine sets new standards with a distinctive design and technology that brings revolutionary changes. The Creative Sensation offers more possibilities than you ever imagined and paves the way for expanded creativity. Offers spacious, bright and precise features that will enhance your sewing experience. This top-of-the-line sewing machine offers an add-on embroidery option.
No matter which fabric you you use, refined details guarantee that the results look professional. With the embroidery unit you will experience a new dimension of creative possibilities. Features extra-large embroidery designs, in many colors and impressive beauty, to enrich your sewing experience.
 If you're passionate about sewing and always searching for new creative inspiration, the PFAFF® creative™ 3.0 sewing and embroidery machine is for you.
Step into the exciting world of embroidery and discover the creative possibilities this machine has to offer.  Enjoy over 100 embroidery designs or put your ideas on fabric!

Husqvarna Viking

 Designer Diamond Royale  Designer Ruby deLuxe™
 Designer Topaz 50
 Behind Beauty Lies Brilliance.  Get the Royal treatment in every stitch.  The DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine delivers brilliant results. It’s completely intuitive and includes innovations only found on this machine. What’s not to love?

Designed and engineered in Sweden, the DESIGNER RUBY deLuxe™ sewing and embroidery machine offers a wide array of features to fulfill your heart’s desire.  The DESIGNER RUBY deLuxe™ machine makes it easy and rewarding to create unique, personalized projects for your special occasions and everyday moments of love.

 It’s magical the way sewing plus embroidery turns something ordinary into something extraordinary. With the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 sewing and embroidery machine you also get the advantage of built-in assistance and time-savers to help you bring your ideas to life. Push your creativity to a completely new level. Expect fabulous sewing and remarkable embroidery!