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Finished Rugs for Sale

We have a number of finished handmade braided rugs for sale.  Here is our current inventory.  If you see something you'd like, but want it in a different color, check out our custom rugs page listed under services.

14 inch Braided Chair Pads

2 foot x 3 foot Braided Oval Rugs

3 foot Diameter Braided Round Rugs with 14 inch Machine Hooked Centers

3 foot Diameter Braided Round Rugs

3 foot Braided Heart Rug


14" Braided Chair Pads
2' x 3' Braided Oval Rugs
3' Braided Round with 14" Machine Hooked Center Rug
3' Braided Round Rug
3' Braided Heart Rug

*  Please call for pricing and availability.   All sales final.
Thank You, Michele